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Creation as a form of crafting



So for the last while (read 3 months) I have been hit with a great desire for creation. From the grimoires i make to amulets, talismans, jewelry, and even rosaries. For a while I felt like I wasn't even practicing my craft as these ideas for new creations kept filling my head and pushing me forward to create. I have grown in my abilities to manipulate wire and other mechanics in jewelry making as well as journal binding. However, I started to notice around the full moons, dark moons, and seasonal shifts that what i was creating was being fed and flowing with the tides of nature. Similar to today's creation of the shaman bone necklace. For me the time right around the dark moon is the strongest time for conjuring and shamanic journeying. I wasn't even thinking about journey or creating anything specifically for shamanic purposes. Then it just hit me to create this piece. I went upstairs to my work room laid teh pieces out, and thought hmm that's really good, but I will finish it later. but I couldn't leave it. So I made it in what seemed like a flash.

So I have found that my craft has matured again into an intuitive creation craft right now. I feel the most open consistently to the tides now than I think I have ever have. I am still mulling this thought process over, and plan on adding more to this blog post. However, I must go get ready fro work. blegh!


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Great entry, I liked reading about your creative process and how it's been affected by the moon & the seasons. Now if only I could figure out how to do that for myself...

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I get the same, but mine does not flow with any tide or moon. It just drops on me at moments.

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Guest Sage Stonepath


i use my artwork as my spells. creating something, especially jewellry is a wonderful craft, just wish i was patient enough for that :confused:


would love to see some of your work.

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