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Anjel - I think this is just wonderful. You might not have a lot of privacy in chatting on line, but you will get to 'talk' to him a lot more often - I hope. This makes me smile.

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Thanks guys....yeah you know he has wanted to become a member of this site for the longest time LOL!!! When he comes on he really wants to hang out and talk witchcraft LOL

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aww he is the greatest :) ... wanna swop your hubby for mine LOL?? As for private chats .. you can actually create a private chat area for you and your hubby that nobody else can enter .. might be interesting with your webcams on :) xxx

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Glad Ray managed to join (and finally get approved ;) )


Looking forward to him posting and getting to know him, he's in our thoughts Anjel :)

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Thanks guys... :) yeah he is happy to be a mem ber here as well :)

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