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New Year's Witcholutions



I have finally put together my list of New Year's Resolutions. Or what I like to call my Witcholutions (hehe love the cheese). It will be fun trying to do them because I am really lazy when it comes to trying to follow a list of 'to do' things.


Rundown of Resolutions:


Finish Clergy track before 28th birthday

Begin study for Herbalism course

Begin building on Spiritual study through different avenues

Reach out and meet new people

Begin saving for the Dragon’s Eye Tour

Begin growing my own proper herbal medicine garden

Begin growing my own proper witchy herbal garden (I have others dotted all over my garden).

Scout potential homes with adjoining business premises


So we shall see if I can commit to and complete at least some of my resolutions. It’s going to be an interesting year I feel.


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I've been trying to get a witchy garden started for years...the best made plans of black-thumbed witches gang aft aglay. :P What do you want to put in it?

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Sounds good to me! I always make lists but never do them. But this year hopefully that will change! lol

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I'm trying to get chamomile up and growing again, I did have it once but alas my enthusiasm wasn't as high then. I'm also looking at things like Yarrow, Mugwort, Vervain, some roots - I've not got a set list yet, but I'm working on it.

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Of the yarrow seeds I put in one (!) has agreed to grow, lol... and to dat I have managed to keep the sprout alive but she's less than 2 inches riht now, so I am keeping my fingers crossed!



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