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A Trot on the Wild Side

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some major magical operationt



Today, I got to make a very special magical object for one of the witchlets. I dicovered she and i have something in common, my little ponies, I loved them as a child too. So today, I made her a special shapeshifting headband that turns her into a unicorn.


It was a huge bonding moment for us and before I left she whispered in my ear, you are the best witch. Between the hugs and the magical unicorning, I recalled how basic it is the way to shapeshift is to want it ardently, to picture it in you eye to perfection, don a hood or hat or headband and to dance.


Desire so thick that it answers itself in creation from your body heart and mind. Even a bit out of context this line serves an occulted secret: "be the change you want to see..." (Ghandi).


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