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My Mental Meanderings on God-forms




I started this as a way for me to think-out-loud. As many on here aren't into god-forms it probably wouldn't interest a lot of people as a thread, so am keeping it as a blog.


I am still working out for myself (in a logical fashion for a totally illogical concept) the actual nature of gods, different realms/worlds, and my relation to them. I believe that god-forms have specific individualized beings/personalities as well as being a collective of focused energy of a specific attribute. Which technicaly makes them two things at once which is dualistic and illogical in our world. In trying to reconcile this dualism in my mind I posed the above to a piece of hawthron wood I've been working with.


First off it told me to take a simpler example of how things work than gods, then apply that simpler understanding to gods. It said look at me, I'm a stick. Unrecognized and incorrectly invoked at the taking I remain just a stick. But you're talking to me - so who are you talking to?


Um... the spirit of the hawthorn tree?


Right. So whereas I am just a stick, with the spirit of the tree living within me I become more than just a stick. I become the embodiment of the nature of the hawthorn tree, not the tree/wood/stick itself. Hawthorn is a teacher and a gate - it is a hedgerow wood that is a mediator of the boundries and in working with the nature of the plant and how it grows you are working with the energy behind that nature - the energy that manifests as that specific nature in that specific species of tree. You are not working with "wood" you are working with the nature and spirit of the tree which manifested the wood. Same with gods. You are working with the energy/spirit that fuels the mythologies, not the actual literal mythologies themselves.


So last night I was thinking about this some more, and I again had a chat with the hawthorn. If god-froms exist, what is their interest in me? What do they get out of it?


Go back to the tree again. Start smaller. Start simpler. Understand that and you will be better able to understand god-forms and other realities. If you chop down a tree at ground level, the roots may send up shoots and grow again. If you cut some twigs and stick them in water, them may grow roots and grow again. So either one can produce a "new" tree. But ultimately a tree must have roots, leaves, and a trunk to grow. Take away any of the above and the tree will eventually die.


Logical. How does that relate to gods and other worlds?


The Tree?


Tree? Oh - you mean THAT tree.


Yes. The world tree.


Ahhhh... so you mean that if I take the mythology of the world tree and all the realms upon it - 9, 7, or 3 depending on one's basic path, and apply the above to the worlds... they are all somehow feeding eachother? Like root feeds the tree and leaves do that clorophil thing, etc.?


Yes. Its an intricate finely balanced relationship. But each part of the tree gains a necessary thing from the other parts. Something necessary for survival as the tree knows survival at this point in time. And all the worlds exist in relation to the world tree.


Jeez that's complicated.


Well you're the one who asked.


Okay - well whose spirit are you? The tree you came from is still alive. So is that tree-spirit fragmented and a part of it lives in you now, or are you a tap-in to the "collective" nature of hawthorn? Or are you a "new" spirit?


You're being dualistic again. This isn't Harry Potter and I'm not a horcrux. Just becuase the spirit of the tree is me, doesn't mean that it isn't the spirit of the tree, too. And it doesn't mean I'm fragmented.


Good point. Sorry.


All tree spirits are both individual and collective. Just like the gods, and just like you - you are an individual personality yet you retain the memory (collective) of your ancestors. They live becuase you live.


I'm not getting that.


I know. Just let it sink in. And go to sleep, will you?


Right. Goodnight then. (Sticks piece of wood under pillow and turns off light.)

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Leaving me with a bit to ponder tonight, M. Thanks!


I am still working out for myself (in a logical fashion for a totally illogical concept)


The greatest sparks occur in the paradox.

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You always get me thinking. We always consider gods or god-forms to be individual and indivisible like us, so the idea of a god hearing thousands of prayers is ridiculous under those assumptions. Then the idea of working with a god becomes likewise ridiculous.


Your conversation with the hawthorn reminds me of when I was first studying Buddhism, and was wondering how "everything is connected." I saw an acorn on the picnic table I was sitting at, under an oak tree. And I thought about what made up the oak tree, that made up the acorn. And the idea that the acorn is made of the tree, which is made up of what was in the ground, which was made up of what had any number of plants and animals, etc. over time. So I thought "who are you?" about the acorn. It makes sense. It's made up of pieces of whoever and whatever has been near that tree.


Great thoughts!!!

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<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">Thanks for sharing this Michele. It is

something I have been thinking about lately.



<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">I read a thread here somewhere about

treading the mill with a podcast link to the unnamed path. I started

to listen to it, as it is nice to hear a someone talking about those

topics even if the path is not mine (I’m no man loving man).

However, I like the guy doing the podcast and he explains basic

techniques really good.

</p>At one point he talked about his

guardian and that when it has finished its job it will become a god

form with either 'belonging' to the light or dark energy depending on

his character. To clarify, they work in their path with light

god/goddess and the dark ones and some middle energy (didn't really

get much into it as, like I said, it is not my path). But what I

really thought interesting was the concept, that gods have an energy

that connects them but that this energy is not the same for every

god. It got me thinking...<br>Your analogue with us as individuals

being connected to the collective memory of our ancestors is a great

example to get this intangible concept into an image I can easier



<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">I also wondered what our connection to

gods is. I'm no creationalist, I don't think they or one made the

world. But what then is their Interest in us. I think your Hawthorn

has told you/ made you think up some pretty good concepts (I will

call it a concept for the lack of a better word)

</p><p style="margin-bottom: 0cm">I think I have to start talking to

sticks too! ;)

</p><p style="margin-bottom: 0cm;">Great post, food for more intense brain

sport. <br></p><p style="margin-bottom: 0cm;">Thanks!<br></p>

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Great! Thank you for sharing this epiphany with us. It reminds me of a song I love called roots:




Sent from my iPod

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Michele, I just found this...this is great. Thank you for sharing this. Adds great depth to our discussion earlier.

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I have noticed a distinct restlessness to the energy lately. A distinct active energy, yet with an undercurrent of waryness and danger. Having been doing a lot of work with the deep recessess of the ancestral mind, those past living memory, I can see thi relating to the time of year. The year is changing, the land is waking up and the energy starting to move. Yet for the ancestral mind it would still be a tiime of danger, perhaps great danger. Food stores would be very low to gone and hunting would be scarce - only the stragglers who survived the winter, tough and thin and preditors are just as hungery as the human-hunter. Freezes would still be a threat, yet there is an impatience to get going -for the spring that is waking up to start. The ancestral mind, combined and reflected within the waking energy of the earth are effecting the experience of the energy making me want to go out and do things, yet with that vague feeling of watchfullness while away from the home.



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