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Well here goes nothing...

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The love of my life!!

Dark Phoenix


Greetings all,


This is hopefully my future wife..LOL! :kiss:



(This was mainly for Dee to see)


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Ok, here's something I've been wondering and you (being in the age range) may have an answer... Why do all teenage girls do that thing with their lips? My niece (who is about to turn 15 and would only roll her eyes at me if I asked) does it too... either the kissy-lip smirk or the suburban-gangsta-girl smirk.


My pondering aside, she is a lovely girl. (your picture, I mean)

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She is a cutie...and yeah why the Angalenia Jolie thing with ehr lips? LOL!!!

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She's gorgeous, prettier than Angelina (who makes me want to wet her lips and stick her to something)

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