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I recently got into genealogy which totally changed my perspective on ancestors. I used to think generically in terms of Scottish people, more specifically Highlanders but this family tree has blown all that out of the water. My grandfather began it, but he died three years ago and no-one else in the family had looked at it in 20 years. Turns out that although my grandad really did an amazing job considering it was pre-internet, he left loads out...like most of the women. I guess he was a man of his time and lineage to him meant just the menfolk. Still, it gave me a skeleton to work from so I got to work!


Between 1841 and 1911 the census is my best friend, because I get an update on the lives I'm looking into. I found...sex outside marriage,infant deaths, illegitimate babies (oh! the shame!), two sets of twins so far!!!!, some servants!!! (didn't see THAT coming), a mother and son who worked as a coalminer (very rare) and a pit pony driver..that sent me into a total loop...just amazing stuff. The result is - I'm feel and AM connected to my ancestors. No fecking rituals, no nonsense, just a bucket load of credits and hours spent trawling records in the "wee small 'oors" :)


I knew that my paternal family had moved around alot, but nothing like to the extent that they did - Google maps, how I love you!!!!! xxxx Best of all I have a tangible sense of 'heritage' and I'm damned proud of it. I have the back story to all those people who contributed to me being here, now - gratitude? it ooozes out of me. The spiritualist great-grannies (one was a certified, committed loonie, she's my favourite dead relative right now, closely followed by the female coalminer - AWESOME! How difficult must her life have been?)


By the time I'm finished, I'll have a calendar of significant dates to work with, names to call on for help, graves visit for dirt :D and a much deeper understanding of who I am. I never thought something so mundane could turn out to be so magical. It's been brilliant, just thought I'd share.

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Oh Ms. Marion, that does sound fun ! I've not searched much on my Ancestors, my Father came to USA when he was 8 from Cork, all now within that line has passed over. Seems like you have an investigative soul !




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Ancestral Celt


Strrangely, I found it more interesting learning what people left out, lots of secrets in our tree. Best one of all was finding my Scottish connections in Ireland of all places.

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Azel Gnostic Moon


I love this :) Isn't it amazing what you can find out about your line :)

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Loved your blog... and I love genealogy, too... just didn't get to the chance to invest more than I have so far... Anyway, I was wondering if you knew that the mormon church has the biggest genealogy records in the world!? I don't know where you live, though I'm pretty sure you could find one of their genealogy center closest to you home. They even teach you how to do your genealogy (for those who don't know where to start), what to look for etc... I think that you can get a genealogy software on their site (though that software is mainly focused on what a mormon member would do - for example: it would say when the member was baptized and had received different church things, ahhh gosh can't remember the name! lol)... Anyway, you don't need to be mormon to go to their genealogy center and you'd probably find a lot of information there! :)

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I'm currently researching my family tree too... (always hoping to find a village wise woman in there somewhere! Lol) I've got as far as I can online so now the next step is to visit the town & county records, church records, etc. very exciting!


Good luck with your tree Marion X

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I've been doing my family tree as well. It is totally amazing what you can find out, I've found some amazing stories about my ancestors too.

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