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A Midsummer Night's Dream...




Good day, all.


Yesterday, June 21, marked the Summer Solstice, and as always we were determined to have a bit of a celebration. My wife, daughter, sister, cousin and myself all loaded up our little recreational kayaks and went out to the local lake a couple of hours before dusk.


Initially we became concerned that a number of large thunderstorms would encroach on our celebration, and to be fair we did sit out a brief storm for about a half-hour. The storm worked in our favor to dispel the muggy oppression of the day, and after a short paddle we were entrenched on a small island several hundred yards from the shore.


We set up a couple of torches to augment the failing light and placed solar lamps around the island. A picnic dinner ensued, the highlight of which would have to be lemon-currant cookies provided by my 12-year old daughter for just this occasion.


After dinner we got out several percussion instruments (including a djembe) and made a bit of music, playing with rhythms in the gathering dark.


As the evening drew to a close we gathered our things for the brief paddle back to shore and were treated to a lightning show in the distant skies as additional storms were closing on the lake. The skies directly overhead were clear and the stars shone down upon us, twinkling softly.


This also marked the first time I had paddled my own kayak since the surgery on my arm over a month ago, and though the paddle was somewhat inefficient (and a bit uncomfortable at times) it was gratifying to be in my own boat again.


All in all, a most marvelous evening. Happy Midsummer's Day, all! rofl.gif





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sounds lovely, thanks for sharing your journey :)

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