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Crystal ball, tarot & sand, oh my!



I had a late night last night, but dragged myself out of bed early this morning to keep my appointment with the very nice lady who did a tarot reading for me. I met her two weeks ago at the market and got a very good feeling from her. I usually do my own reading, but sometimes I need someone objective who wont' be "blind" to what I don't want to see. It was really good. She basically confirmed what I had been picking up on myself recently, and gave me some thinking material.


I also bought my smokey quartz crystal ball from her. I knew it was mine the moment I laid eyes on it two weeks ago and it was still there waiting for me. She told me not everyone can scry with crystal balls, but that I will be one of the ones who can. Just cleansing it now, can't wait to see what happens.


I've been doing some research on sand, seems for many cultures sand is a portal to the spirit realm. I wrote it down elsewhere and was given a few things to think about, basically that my dream is telling me I need to pull my finger out and get cracking on my spiritual work. I've been doing this recently, so I found it interesting. Just never ceases to amaze me how we often do instinctively what our dreams are telling us we need to do.


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