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Desert Living



I'm very interested to learn more about local traditions, native plants, and what will thrive here.


The desert has a unique, rough beauty to it. The tough plants and animals that have adapted to this unforgiving landscape are fascinating to me. Standing outside, whether during the crisp and cool nights or the oppressively hot days, you can feel the air vibrating with the magic of this land. Nights in the desert are amazing. The beautiful, wide skies are so clear you can see the Milky Way's path across the sky burning bright. The sands seem to glow under the moon's light. And life pours out from every hiding place, relishing the relief from the sun's intense rays.


I have a lot of love and respect for the desert, and I hope to learn much from it.


~ Freki


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I feel the same way about our deserts here. Most people assume our deserts are barren, just sand as far as the eye can see, but so untrue. Deserts are teeming with life if one chooses to look. They have amazing lessons to teach about survival and strength and they will test you, only those with enough inner strength would make it in the desert.

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Thought you might find this link interesting :)



Thank you so much for the link! I live in the Mohave Desert, just above the Sonoran Desert. I think the variations in desert landscapes is so neat. I was raised in a high desert area, which is incredibly different from the low desert I currently live in.

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