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The prize



I often awake from dreams with some knowledge or insight I didn't previously have. It can be in the form of a dream or a series of sentences my mind rattles off, as though I must make a mental note of something before it slips into the ether. I've decided to collect all these lessons here. My next development will be to keep conscious awareness of where I go and what I do when sleeping.


I awoke this morning with this insight:


The prize is there. The knowledge being sort by all on this path is there to be claimed. It is not easy but is achievable. By all. You have to stay with it. You have to search, stick with the journey no matter how tedious or frustrating or pedantic it can get. You can walk away, just come back. The fact you do come back and stick with it shows patience. It may not seem like it at times, you cry feeling defeated, you push the books away in frustration, you toss the book across the room, but you keep coming back. You haven't given up. You continue the search which shows you are a winner. You will receive the prize in the end, it's inevitable.



It's almost like the knowledge being sort is a living thing, an entity with it's own consciousness, possibly gained over millennia of people searching for, and working with, the knowledge we all seek now. The path to get to that treasure is an unwrittwn map. I'm reminded of the map in Harry Potter that showed up a person's movements as they were making them. The path to the treasure is being created as we go. It can be uncreated and changed as we give up a direction and try another. I have this sneaking suspicion once finally there, the map will be deceptively simple, a *facepalm* moment. I think we often make the journey much harder on ourselves than it needs to be.


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