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Hawthorn, frog scent and all that jive...



Feeling pretty crap today with the miserable cold that seems to be doing the rounds at the moment, so whilst sipping a wee dram of the warm stuff for medicinal purposes only of course I thought I'd post on the blog more of my random thoughts and experiences. I enjoy the writing.


The field is coming alive with speed. It amazes me how quickly it happens-from winter, to tight buds, to unfurling green leaves in a matter of weeks. Out on the field today, the hawthorn which only a couple of weeks ago had tight buds now has tight flowers waiting to burst at a hint of May. They are early, warmed by the unusually warm weekend gone. I had my neck burned in the sun on Sunday which irritated me somewhat while scraping the ice off my car on Tuesday morning.

My secret Blackthorn which only two weeks ago was blooming with lethal beauty is now a green delight-those berries are mine in the autumn. I have already asked.


The rescue Patterdale Terrier who is my friend and personal challenge most of the time is making the most of spring, as you may find in my status comments over the next few weeks. Sunday's highlight was rolling in poo-rapidly bathed in sweet smelling Bergamot, people friendly, sweet curly shiny hair producing, potential-dare I say it, verging on respectable -had to end. Today's highlight was rolling in dead frog. Rotting dead frog scent is apparently extremely appealing, I had to end the dead frog love last year too. I've tried to figure out exactly what it is that seems appealing-unfortunatly or fortunately depending on your outlook because of the cold I have little sense of smell.

He loves it, what can I say?

I have to say that on many occasions I have been what you may call somewhat cynical at folks who have claimed their pets to be familiars.

I still very much feel that way-however, I catch his eye at times and that look I swear is daemon looking straight back.

The woodworking projects I have started are making very slow progress, which is a shame as the first found wood is Hawthorn and it's best removing the bark when it's still green. The problem is I seem to be having a profusion of finds this year. The way it's going I'm going to have enough to keep me going for a few years. Time is not enough time-I really need to retire, and or kick my own ass into action.


Spring and Summer is busy...


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