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Weird but true

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Frickin Weird, and Freaking Me out, Sorta




Long Long time ago, (HA) I learned how to do 'tricks' with my mind. I can tap into certain peoples minds, "see" what they are doing, call them on it, as well. Did this to an "ex" who got freaked out at first, then got used to, and intrigued by it.

I also learned a trick called, walking in. I learned this other, more detailed, very hard, mentally challenging, trick in HS. It took a long time to get it down, and I still can not do this often, as it is mentally draining.

If you have heard of it, then You know what I am referring to. Its walking into anothers dreams. I have done this as well, a few times. with the guy who taught me, my ex husband, and my most current ex... i can tell them what they were dreaming,I can walk in, see, I can interact, but it is best not to unless the other party is aware of it.


So, I meet this guy a few months ago. I really like this guy. we hang out alot. February moon comes, shit comes down, yes Im blaming the moon cycle of Feb. Everyone, including myself, got angry, argued, just a bad bad month. This guy and I have a spat. kinda. he has called me over almost every day for over a month. well, a week later, after he has called me over twice, he says bad things about me, yes he was intoxicated, but i took offense to what he said anyway. it hurt! called me psycho cuz I wanted to spend all this time with him(can u see my upset?) n making plans for us, like taking his dog to the park, that pissed me off.

Anyway... We don't talk anymore. BUT strange things have been happening with my dreams.

My imagination is very strong, and very vivid. I can take my dream and make it what I want, I do so all the time. If I see someone I like, I invite more, Someone I dislike, I make them go away. etc etc on and on.


My cousin Kenny died, suddenly. he was 37 yrs old. He died 2 weeks ago this past saturday. it Devastated my family, i had never gone into Hysterics before over a death, but I did this time. I strongly believe in other relms where our 'selves' go until we come back someday.I do believe in reincarnation. not heaven, but another relm. I believe in spirits. earthly and then some. i do not believe in demons.

My Cousin Dies on Saturday, I dream of him, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday! First, he calls me. weird.' He's sad. he can't talk long. he misses me. take care. ' ~~ Monday gets weird, we are hanging out in some bar, kenny is all lit up(not shiny, happy) his eyes are shining, he's smiling, laughing, telling his jokes, I felt like he was doing this on purpose, as if he were actually here, or I was there, spending time, saying goodbye. This guy I just stopped talking to, POPS in. I am surprised, shocked even. My cousin looks at him, all smiles, and he says something to john. what I hear, is murmuring. same when john replies. but when they both focus on me, the language is clear, I understand. john, tho, does not seem to speak in any of my dreams, but one time, first time. he said he missed me. then its all smiles, shrugs, n nods.

Tuesday, again, im with kenny... this does not feel earthly. like Im floating, astralling maybe. idk. having a good time, kenny says if he knew he could be this close to me this way, he'd have done this a long time ago. i was pissed! I yelled at him, but it didnt last long. all of a sudden, shawn is next to me. I went OFF! told him to go away! get out! intrusive much? i didnt want him there! he shrugs, smiles, n shakes his head.


SOOOO! a few days/week goes by, I dont remember much of my dreams, but I know Ive seen john pop in and out. If you ever watched "charmed" its like those 'blinks'... not walking, vaporizing, materializing,,,, nothing. Just boom, hes there.

he did this as I was having a fantasy dream! LMAO he didnt stay long, just popped in, saw, popped out. was funny.


most recent one was, i was hanging with a new 'friend' at a local place john hangs at. We walk in, johns there, friends etc people I know are there. we go to a table in the back, n he is sitting, and of course, Im always dancing when i go, so this is what I do. now mind, john is there, at the bar. ALL of a sudden. POP. he is there, at the table. across from my friend n I. my friend actually jumped! hello! Im dreaming! I jumped too. I got REALLY Pissed! I yelled at john to go away. get out, etc. why are you doing this to me? how can you be doing this to me? wtf? really? ( he was goth and I know he studied the art of witchcraft, but this is rare to know someone who can do this) he gives me that smile, shrugs. i introduce he and my friend. he and my friend chat a minute.... I hear murmuring. (I understand until i understand what is being said, this is something I have to find out to resolve something in normal dreams) my friend talks to me, I can understand him. My focus is on my friend. I like my new friend, i ignore john. my friends focus is on me. Johns focus is on me. watching. all the time, watching me.


It is WEIRD, and it is really starting to freak me out. Not only can i not control what this guy does in my dreams, I cant make him do anything in my dreams. which is very strange.

Am I nuts? or does this dude really have been taught and practiced this mind trick? anyone else ever heard of or practice this? one thing I learned over the years, if we tap into that side of our brain and tune it, there is no limit what we humans can do. Ive a strange connection with this guy, not earthly. i had this with My old BF too. we are attached somehow. it sucks. LOL only real way he could be doing this,,,, maybe?


And I just want to see if anyone else has heard of, or done this. I do not wish to block it yet. which i can. Im trying to figure out what he wants, what hes doing, if anything. he is a very strange man! I may be psycho but hes just plain weird. HA


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