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EHWAZ - Resembling the Horse




EHWAZ - Elder Futhark (or EOH - Anglo Saxon) - resembling the horse


"The horse is the peers joy, stepping out with pride when discussed all around by wealthy riders, and to the restless, always comforting." - Anglo Saxon Rune Poem


The rune resembles the horse, or the capital letter 'M'. First and foremost, this rune symbolises movement, and motion, and speed. The rune poem describes how the ownership of a horse was also seen as a symbol of wealth, and something to be proud of - this perhaps indicates to us the importance of being proud of what we have achieved, and in magic, it might also be helpful in matters of prosperity - perhaps enhancing how we appear to others.


The rune also communicates the importance of bonds, agreements, and mutual benefits, for the bond between a horse and rider It also indicates an element of trust between two creatures - trust is vitally important between horse and rider, and so this rune speaks of the benefits of brotherhood and cooperation.


The horse also allows us to get in tune with our more primal side. Ever since man began to hunt by horseback we have had a mutual agreement with horses, who despite their 'flight' nature, remain faithful to us, even in situations that become frightening to them. When mounted on the horse - away from modern technology, fossil fuels and other modern 'aids' we gallop free and fast - horses are freedom.



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