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ELHAZ - Resembling Antlers, or the Footprint of a Crow



ELHAZ - Elder Futhark (or EOLH - Anglo Saxon) - resembling the antlers of an elk


"Elk sedge grass has a home, of lest in the glen, It waxes in water, it wounds grim, and burns with blood, any man that in any way, dares to grab it." - Anglo Saxon Rune Poem


The rune resembles the antlers of an elk - or the footprint of a crow. In witchcraft, this rune is sometimes known as the Witches Foot (although the term is also given to a * asterisk * symbol). This rune is all about defence and protection. Its nature is 'passive', although its use brings powerful results. The use of this rune is similar to the use of the Thorn for magical defence and therefore is one of the most effective runes of protection.


Its association with protection also gives it links to sacred places, and it gives the warning that warded places (i.e. sacred places, magical places) should always be entered and treated with respect. In turn, this rune speaks of keeping silent, and being careful about what you speak of.


Sedge is a type of wild grass/rush. It is usually a wetland plant, which perhaps links this rune also to Laguz, the power of water and the underworld. Its leaves appear rough and blade-like, which is fitting, due to the nature of this rune to be able to 'draw the blood of any man who dares to grab it.'

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Oh do I like this.......... !!! Keep them coming Owl ! They are just fabulous!



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