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LAGUZ - Resembles the Water Leek



LAGUZ - Elder Futhark (or LAGU - Anglo Saxon) - resembling the water leek, or water overflowing


"To land lubbers, water seens troublesome if they put to sea on tossing ship, the waves terrify them, and the horse of the sea refuses its bridle." - Anglo Saxon Rune Poem


The rune resembles either the water leek, or the motion of water overflowing the rim of a cup. It is associated with the festival of Candlemas (Imbolc) and is linked to the rune Sowilo/Sigel (Sun) in the Rune Poem.


Whilst Sowilo is symbolic of a safe journey (akin to a calm and sunny crossing across the sea) the next Rune in the poem, Laguz, is symbolic of a shaky journey - a dangerous flow, which offers passage but not without risk. This rune is sometimes termed the Guardian of the Gate - it is associated with the underworld, and chthonic journeys to the underworld. It is the liminal Psycho-pomp who leads souls between the worlds. It is interesting that in ancient Greece, February and March were the times when souls were considered to return to the world of men (rather like our Halloween today). Perhaps this rune is reminiscent of this ancient belief which was do doubt practised in different ways across Europe.


Perhaps then, this rune would be a useful one to use for dreamwork, although the dreams would NOT necessarily be positive ones - and working with spirits, and traversing the worlds. Certainly, it would be useful in trancing and 'crossing the hedge'. Perhaps this is another reason why it is connected to Imbolc, and later, the Spring Equinox - a time which is said to be a time without time. By total coincidence I found this Imbolc 'saying' today in the 'Witches Databook', which seems to reflect this rune and its association with the time of year:


"The Sun is coming behind the Storm,

And here my home is safe and warm.

Good spirits that love us come inside,

Warm yourself by the fireside." - Diana Rajchel


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winter night


love that quote - I love storms for the very reason that you get that whole sense of everything being settled again after, and everything is birght and refreshed.


Sometimes you need to ride out a storm to get to the calm on the otherside.

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What a wonderful saying. I gravitate to this meaning, being and having such a wanderlust personality and living it the way I do.



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