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Cats and visitors



Two cats reside with me and my husband.


And I'm beginning to think we have visitors, as well.


I know that animals are better a detecting fairies, brownies, etc. And my two cats are peering very intensely at a certain spot in my closet. I got down on the floor next to Tigger, my fiery ginger tabby, and followed his line of vision to one of my skirts. Tigs would get up on his hind legs and bat at the hem, chatter a little. Then sit back down and S T A R E for a while, or look around quickly, like he was following something. I (of course) couldn't see anything. I even tried talking to whatever was there, offering words of welcome, allayment of fears, whatever. Gandhi, my blond tabby (like a bleached out shaggy-haired beach bum version of Tigger) was also s t a r i n g at the same spot. For nearly 15 minutes. Which, for Tigger, is nearly an eternity. So now I wonder if I have some visitors. And how do I find out? I have long wondered about inviting fairies into my house, but I've also heard they are troublesome.


OK, enough distraction from work. Back to the thesis. And the cats have now dispersed back to their respective nap stations.

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