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Creation of the Crone

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The Delilah Complex



When I was a child I had long, thick hair. I hated brushing it and it was invariably knotted and tatted into a bird's-nest-a-like and was one of the reasons my mother used to call me a little witch. Sadly, as an adult it became boringly dull and thin and wouldn't grown past my shoulders. According to the fashions of the times I had it permed for volume, dyed for colour, rollered, tonged, back-combed - the works - but was never happy until I discovered...EXTENSIONS.

I have four sisters. Each of them looks well-groomed, neat, age-appropriate...and approved by our mother. Over the years I've developed quite a skill at attaching my own hair extensions and I wouldn't be without them. Like Samson, I am transformed, strengthened and enlivened when my hair is full of body. If my hair is long enough to tie up in a bobble or gather together with a chopstick, I am ME. Hair is a woman's crowning glory - and to me, it is my confidence, my style.

So, here I am - a grandmother. According to my mother, I should now have it no longer than neck length and have a practical, layered cut. Forget it! I've just ordered my latest batch of hair and micro-rings for attaching it. One concession: this time I ordered some in shades of grey as well as my favourite light ash blonde. I don't mind growing old - but I'm going to do it my way!

Here comes the witchy bit: - I've discovered a fantastic online supplier of hair and I always choose synthetic hair which is cheaper, comes in a wide range of shades and looks very natural. But just for a change, a while ago, I thought I'd try human hair. It looked lovely. But while I was wearing it I started to feel really weird; I'd have flashes of places I'd never been and started having sequential, episodic dreams. It occurred to me that I was seeing snatches of the life - or lives - of the original owners of the hair. I felt like a bit of a thief; it didn't feel right. Back to good, old synthetic, factory-produced hair.

But it made me wonder about the energies stored in the bits we cast off, hair, fingernail clippings, blood donations...

A few weeks ago I gave my daughter's hair a trim. Hers is naturally thick and shiny and grows fast. So after she went home, I gathered a few of the clippings and put them in my witch box. I've got a vague spell in mind to use her hair clippings for a protection spell to keep her safe and healthy. Well, waste not, want not!

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Guest angelbaby


I have found that the more I say I like a part of myself, the better it conforms to my idea of ideal. Right now, my hair is lush and doing what I want it to do. My body, not so much. I am looking for a transformation in that department, but it is slow going. I am going to get through this last bit fast, though, using a daily mantra in the shower. When I can get my husband out of it. lol I used to wear wigs a lot. I had one that was human and synthetic having not the flashes, but the odd off feeling. Just the same, I went back to wearing synthetic myself. Thank you for the post. crystal-gazing.gif

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