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Creation of the Crone

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Learned a bit of Magic today.



Menopause (
There, I've lost half an audience with one word
) can seem like an end. Indeed, it has seemed like an end to me to so many things since the manky, old symptoms made their appearance. I'm 54 next week. I've tried to convince myself that this is the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly, the achievement of full wisdom, the silver-haired blossoming of all that it is to be a woman. Ha! I'm sweaty...that's about it!

But today I did see a little magic that I would never have recognized several years ago. Perhaps wisdom is a clearing away of obstacles so that we see, clearly, what was there all along.Asda (Walmart - to my American friends). With my three-year-old granddaughter riding in the trolley.

"Nana just needs to buy some shampoo."

"Eee, yacky! Why do you need shampoo?"

"To wash my hair with."

Now you have to know this sweet little face to understand how hilarious the exp
ressions are. But she was disgusted. "You don't wash your hair with shampoo, Nana!"

"Yes, you do. What do you think shampoo is for?"

Maybe it's come a little early, but she has started to blush a little when she realizes that she may have made a mistake. It took a while to work out that she thought shampoo is for washing bottoms because it has the word '
' in it.

We sang Christmas songs in the car on the way home, even though it's Twelfth Night tomorrow. We had crisps and cheese for lunch (you don't have to be sensible when Mummy's not there). We had a lovely afternoon. If I hadn't gone through the whole of womanhood and had not given birth to my daughter, I wouldn't have this precious little sweetheart. I give myself eye-strain staring at her perfect skin, her huge, innocent eyes, the felt-tip pen on her chin. Okay, I'm having hot flushes, I'm overweight, my skin looks as though I've been dead a week. - But my granddaughters - and the fact that I have them - It's absolute magic!


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Well i spotted the M word and carried on reading! Glad i did, what a lovely post.

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Oh how I remember that, although I do not have grandchildren to endear. Hang in there Sister, after menopause runs its course. It's finally over. I only wished I would of saved some of the menses for crafting.




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I LOVE it! I saw a TINY baby at the mall today. The mother was holding her. I said to my 17-year-old, "You were that little yesterday." The dad made a quizzical expression and looked at her daughter. Then he looked at mine.


I saw the years fly by in his eyes.


Amazing how we can effect others.


Thank you so much for sharing!!!


Caera :)

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