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Been a bit of a week....



We all have them i s'pose..Midwinter started off well, as planned, gifts to my departed, in celebration of the time of year (which i like) cherishing past memories, making the most of hibernating with catching up with the reading i wanted to do( food for thought) and warming myself to the core with hearty food and a toddy of the warm stuff, and making cunning plans for the future.

I'm a Thursday's child though ('has far to go') so i guess i knew it would'nt last. Working through the holiday period has been hard going-not only busy but has taken an emotional toll. Not something that happens all the time but when it does- it does, so to speak. When it doesn't ever touch me it's probably time to give it up.

I've had ongoing mischief from a sprite that insists on fiddling with the controls of my electric blanket and virtually cooking me during the night! Yes, very funny the first couple of times but it's getting tedious now!

And our home has been flooded this evening from a neighbours burst pipe. Oh the joys! Good job i have lot's of candles, and an independent power supply-I regret not having the game Twister to play as i think it would be a good one in these circumstances.

We've managed to have a good laugh through it all though and i think that's pretty good going. There are some funny moments to be had in dodgy times. It keeps your sanity, and helps you put things in perspective.


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