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Wed 4th Sept - and so the chaos carries on!!!

Rowan's Light


Thought I would for once have quiet day and make a start on the decorating. But now my silence is broken by My Hubby running in the front door yelling 'Don't shout at me but .... I've got to make a phonecall' and shot into the office this invariably means that there is another animal possibly on it's way.


I thought I'd swear anyway just for good measure just to get it out of the way. And Lo and behold there is the possibility of a quarter horse moving in if it can't find a new home.:doh: Within the last five years we have gone from 2 dogs and a cat to --


4 dogs

1 cat

3 horses

2 goats

5 sheep

20ish chickens

4 ferret and a partridge in a pear tree!!!:rolleyes:

And I forgot the 2 goldfish in the pond


I may have to come up with a spell to stop his collecting. Since our feed bills are already massive.


So fingers crossed someone else can give this horse a lovely home instead of us. Andi I'm going to give the OH a good:patsch: shortly


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Yep we are the proud owners of a 17hh quarterhorse and yes it's a chestnut:rolleyes: It will come up this week it's feet are way too long and it's obese should imagine it's like sitting on a sofa.


OH is going to train it in Western riding like it should be. This has it's upsides since he agreed to the horse he has finally sorted out the haysupply for winter which I have been ranting about for months

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LOL! Sounds like my home when I was growing up! My mother adored animals and passed on the same passion to me as well LOL!

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Don't let Anjel have it. It would die from the lack of food because she would forget to feed it(hehehe). She has a black thumb when it comes to livivg things. All of her plant comited herbaside (hehehe). I'll bet there are some small childern missing from the neiborghood since I left for Iraq. Because the cats at the house ate them, cause she forgot to feed them (hahaha). Ah, eek, look out sammy and blue are on the lose.........:patsch:

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