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A very scary, dark thought came to me today.



I use the term 'dark and scary' loosely however... I was thinking about everything to do with life, the way we interact, the way we talk and respect (well, lack of) each other, the way we treat nature and so on, so forth. Then a thought came to me that I would much rather not be alive anymore... When I say this, I say it not because I'm going to kill myself as I would never be selfish enough to leave the ones I love in greif and agony but if I was given a choice that I could be wiped of the face of the earth, I would gladly take it.


But what makes me think it, is not because my life it rubbish (i'm actually rather fortunate for my up bringing and wealth etc) but because of the human race in general. Last week, I came across youtube videos of someone beating the crap out of their pets and people were laughing and sending it on... Let me assure you, if I ever met the person in that video, I would gladly take jail for the justice of his death. The fact the law seems to be getting bent for murderers, rapists, child beaters. The world just seems to have lost sight of itself.


After expressing myself, I feel so much better and I know that I cannot change any of the things I think about. It makes me sad - sad that the human race in general is ignorant enough for all of this to happen and still let slip.


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Nyx, do not lose heart. There are many sad and horrible things happeneing in the world. It can get overwhelming to say the least. But for every negative bit of media you see, there are at least four or five good things happening - for some reason humans don't seem to gravitate towards sharing these good things. The changes in the world are great - unfortunately the bad stuff tends to get the press. There are others like us out there who are respectful and kind and want to pass on a brighter world. As I said, it's not -all- puppies and roses, but there are great things happening! Hang in there. Hugs, ReD.

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there are some sick people in this world, but take heart that you aint one of these and you dont associate with that kind.

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i have had thoughts similar to these on many occasions. There are many things in this world that I would love to change. There are so many, that I wouldn't know where to begin. Nothing stays the same forever though. I am thankful for that.

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Pixie Kisses


I feel exactly the same sometimes...I've seen similar videos on YouTube as well and I find it disgusting, not only that people would post (or even do something like that), but how people laugh and cheer that type of sh*t on! :censored:

I agree with BluesRed too.

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