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Yeah Free Time....

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I love autumn, the cooler days, the new colours, the harvest and the musically pleasing sound of the school bell. Finally my youngest is off to full-day everyday kindergarten, I couldn't be happier, all the other parents were sobbing watching their precious offspring stuffing backpacks twice their size into lockers, whimpering that their baby isn't a baby anymore, me on the other hand am half out the door going "do we HAVE to pick them up??". I love my children and would do anything for them, but now for the first time in a very very long time I am going to have me time, and in my books that means witch time. It means hunting second hand stores for books, scratching my arms up picking rose hips, pulling out my tarot cards and just shuffling them constantly getting back the relationship we once had.


I have also taken on the task of converting our storage room into a bedroom, so I have been spending the mass of my "free time" going through boxes and pulling out things we don't need. I am a pack-rat, in my eyes this is sick, twisted and sadistic, but necessary. Now my awakening to the path of witchcraft has been fairly new if you remove the denial bit i went through, but as i opened boxes of my teenage years, childhood and even up until a few years ago I was amazed at the stuff I found. I finally found my book "the secret language of birthdays" and an old wooden frog who used to sit at my desk and i'd talk to him, he was like my familiar, dreamcatchers, a couple bags of sage, incense, stones from places i've been, ash from fires, a tiny copper tea pot that i'd fill with scraps of paper with wishes on them, even a pendant with "faerie dust" in it. As I absent-mindedly gathered all these into a small cedar chest I thought how completely oblivious people can be before they see the light or in my case the broomstick. I spent years with these items and never made the connection in my head, but then why worry on the past, I know who i am now it just took 31 years to figure it out.


My lesser half has always told me I was a witch in a joking/when-you-do-that-it-scares-me type way, I usually retorted that he was saying it wrong it starts with a B. Now i know he's seen a few things that i've done while he's at work, one evening i sat and worked on my wand, he asked what i was doing doing I said "making a wand" he shrugged and went back to computer, smart one I got, but he's the one that makes me think that all the things i've done in the past i haven't needed witchy things so why do i need them now, but then I think, cause I have the free time.

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