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Why do I volunteer for these things...



If someone has a spell or charm against lice please let me know. ( i got the cursing down pat already) First thing this morning I get the call to help screen every student in my kid's school for lice, I do it every year, usually a couple classes at any given time, but no they want the whole school done. So after I hang up the phone, I start to scratch and scratch, the power of suggestion is an amazing thing. I haven't stopped scritching and scratching since. 5 hours to check each and every student who are all freaking out that they might have it. This is where education comes, lice is no different than a cold, but the stigma behind it is terrible. Those little creepy crawly's love long beautiful clean shiny hair, but everyone assumes that it's the dirty kids who rarely bath that get them and it's wrong. Witches have the same problem with stigma, either their categorized as crazy cat ladies, wiccan's or hag's who live in little hovels and fly on brooms, but those of us who know better know that it is just ignorance and lack of education that these stereotypes and assumptions are made. Parents and teachers always make the lice stigma worse, only 2 teachers asked to have theirs checked, if i was a teacher I'd be lined up in the front, but teachers don't want to admit they're susceptible to such ugly, dirty things, just like those in power out of fear have always condemned witchcraft, their own ignorance and fear has made them feel the necessity to ban and cleanse the world in attempts to rid them of this evil for the greater good. Maybe I should should curse the parents and teachers to get lice, to see how they like dealing with the stigma they have bestowed upon their childrens classmates, but that just wouldn't be nice........oh well.


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