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Dancing nekkid through the tree's

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How do the people around you stand against the fact you are a witch  

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  1. 1. How do the people around you stand against the fact you are a witch

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After seeing many posts and discussions about religion and witchcraft, now before you all start swinging your brooms at my head, let me explain what i mean. Every continent has "first peoples" and they lived off what the earth provided and learned to heal with what the earth provided and the worshiped it for it's beauty and it the fact it provided. That, to me, is the essence of our connection to the planet. Amidst these peoples were those who used plants, spells and moon cycles to heal, cure, and they enriched the others lives, they were story tellers, and historians. They were called upon to bless weapons for hunting, they knew when to move their groups to new hunting grounds, they named and delivered babies, provide rites of passage to adulthood and preforms the rites of passage to death. This goes beyond our politically or geographical borders, they knew the planet and what it provided. No matter what they were called, be it medicine man, shaman, waganga, or voodoo priestess's, they did what we do now. We have tapped into the power of the earth. We are very lucky that almost all plants have been named, tested and it's properties and uses are a key click away, but still in a society where we have this knowledge, the need for healers, spell casters, is ever present and we have risen to the challenge.


Now to the religion bit, according to wikipedia, "Religion is the belief in and worship of a god or gods, or a set of beliefs concerning the origin and purpose of the universe.[1] It is commonly regarded as consisting of a person’s relation to God or to gods or spirits". Personally I have never been big on the worshiping of anything, kneeling for anyone or eating flesh that turns out to be stale cracker and drinking blood that turns out to be grape juice, but I appreciate that it has a place in society. The idea of religion is that you lie back and accept that you have no control, there is a greater being that has written the plan for your life and praying that your insurance goes down is merely part of the greater plan. In the Catholic religion you can do anything, absolutely anything, but as long as you climb into the little phone and confess to the guy in the dress and funny hat, like a badly dressed operator from god, you can say 10 hail mary's and be forgiven no matter what. I find fault in that....okay more than one, but i'm not going to nit pick. I would love to go back to a pre-religious time, a time before the idea of putting a god into a building, dressing pretty for 2 hours on every sunday, and paying 10% of al moneys earned.


I would never claim witchcraft to be my religion, it's a lifestyle choice, kinda like coming out the closet it;s just part of who I am. If I wanna cast a spell in a latex catsuit or read my runes in the buff under a tree I can, if I want to dress up all pretty just to scry just incase someone's looking back you wouldn't want a fleck of broccoli in your teeth now would you?? I have no religion and I couldn't be more at peace.

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