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Why Me?

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It was a cool summer evening when the call from my mother came " I'm sorry hun, but your dad's parents are coming up for the weekend" I was stunned into silence, all i could think was, how the hell am I going to get out of this. I know what you're thinking, they're my family i should love and cherish them and all the happy memories, but the only happy memory I have was opening my first tarot i got from my other grandparents for christmas one year, the look on my dad's fathers face will always be one that brings a smile to my face. I mean they haven't done anything devastating to me, they never left me in a freeway gas station, or tried to feed me to the lions at the zoo, but they are of the religious sort that makes you want to answer the door naked when they come knocking just set their pacemakers jumping. I was drug to church in pretty little dresses and pranced around like a show dog to all who would here of how my parents don't take me to church and how it's their godly duty to bring me up in the light and keep my precious soul from satan. *insert eyeroll here*


I was sent to bible camps, but i think they got to concerned when i liked them too much, but then when you're left out in the middle of nowhere in a co-ed camp for a week, nature takes it course far faster than God's. :wink: I assumed they gave up on me, till my dad's father approached(cornered) me after receiving my tarot deck and confessed that witchcraft runs deep in on his side of the family and after he moved to Canada he started praying that none of us would show the signs and that he's being praying for me nightly cause he always thought I was different. After retrieving my lower jaw from the floor, I grinned and said that they were on my christmas wishlist and my grandmother and I had gone hunting a bunch of shops together to narrow down the ones i would like and in no means would i ever get rid of them.


He didn't talk to me for a couple years other than hi's when I brought my kids up to visit with his wife. My dad's mom is sweet, loving and quite, she doesn't stand up to him and it's sad, but it's old fashioned love a.k.a he knocked her up so they had to get married, of course when i never knew this till i got pregnant and i was told i was supposed to get married, but I sure as hell was not getting married, I have three kids and am still not married, much to his loathing, but his opinion matters not, I'm not married cause weddings are expensive and the father of my children is a bit lacking in the social criteria for a wedding, he doesn't like people and doesn't want to get married in front of people fortunately he's never seen the 150 people guest list I made for fun.


Back to the dreaded weekend, I arrived at my parents house, hyperventilating into a paper bag as my nerves sailed out the window, said my mantra "this too shall pass" took a deep breathe and waltzed in. My kids are well trained and ran and hugged their great-grandparents, got home made clothes only my 4 year old will wear ( i noticed my 10 year old daughter had stuffed her little-house-on-the-prairie style dress under a pile of stuffed animals) as I walked straight to the fridge and grabbed myself a drink. All I could think is "one weekend just one weekend". I spent the whole thing ignoring comments about how fat me and my mother are from my grandfather while my grandmother regaled us with with stories from my hypochondriac aunt and her 5 children, who I refuse to speak to for much more serious reasons, listening to my father storm about the house swearing at his father under his breath, watched my mother "misplace" a bottle of tequila(she rarely drinks anything stronger than water), grinned as my 4 year old drove my grandparents insane with her endless questions and smirked as the older two used their full athletic abilities to climb trees, scale walls and give everyone but me heart failure while I chain smoked in the backyard. Not sure if that counts as revenge, but it will have to do.


Each night I got home I lit one of my pretty smelly candles and some incense and contemplated it all. My mother has always said that they were too set int heir ways to change, but I can't believe that, people have life changing moments everyday, even at 78 years old, they have heart attacks and become active, they quit drinking, they find god, they start drinking, find the benefits of viagra, take up yoga or karate, why can't that self-righteous ass do the same.


The night before they left, I blew out the candle to get ready for bed and thought of something my mom's mom always told me "You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family" then I thought, that's why witches do curses!! :vhappywitch:

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