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Cutting the cord

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I was highly impressed after reading the article on this site about severing etheric cords, and immediately my mind focused on this one woman I know that after a 5 minute conversation I want to have a nap, it's not that she's dull or boring, I have known her for years, but she literally drains the energy from me like some sort of sponge. Then I thought, my boss, he should not only be at the top of the list, but be a list all his own, then I remembered that there is no cure for stupid and I'd have to do that ritual every 2 minutes. As I pondered this dilemna, i resolved to make a list of all the people that seem to drain me, one of my kids started asking me inane questions about nothing inparticular and I began to think... can i severe the patience draining ties of my children... I mean really wouldn't it be nice at the end of the day to perform a small balancing ritual that breaks the energy-sucking ties to your children and get a good nights sleep??? It sounds great, a little insensitive, but I do have 3 kids and sensitivity is usually crushed after the second kid along with all theories on boiling pacifiers after they fall on the floor, hand washing every item of clothing and bibs ( no kid actually only messes on just the bib) So I stop and look at my kids, analyzing their every life-sucking tendencies, one girl 10 going on 16, one boy 9 with more energy than an atom bomb and my princess 4 year old that assumes the world revolves around her and I think, draining yes, but worth every moment of it.

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