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A Business Success Spell for My Hubby




Today is a very important business meeting for my dear husband and I wanted to try to grant him as much success as possible...


I lit several purple candles plus an orange one for power of positive communication and power. I laid out 3 tarot cards (the Wheel of Fortune, The Magician, and the 8 of Pentacles), I also placed the Angels card called "You're a Leader" next to one of the lit candles. I then chanted the following 3x... I light the purple candles for power on this Woden's Day, now burn the orange candle for skill and dexterity. From these two colors springs magick on this business day, send wisdom, communication skills, and clarity his (my husband) way!:chakrahearts:


Feel free to use this spell yourself if you or someone you know is self-employed or works for someone else and wants to impress their boss. :)



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Thank you for this as I am looking for a job. Never thought of using the tarot cards with the candle magick.



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