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Yeah, in a bout of insomnia, I uploaded a couple of videos so now have a fully fledged YouTube channel going :)

It's weird, I love to watch other people's videos but totally shied away from putting myself online. I'll show off my pictures without a problem but not me. It got me to thinking why? I guess a part of it is shyness, but then another part is "what if someone I know sees me?" This is odd, because while there's the desire to 'broadcast' to strangers, I don't want people I work with etc to know. Now the odds of my family, colleagues etc even looking in that direction are slim to none, but still...I ain't going there!


Anyway, if anyone read this, and fancies a look, go here:




There's only two, they are short, but when I find the lead for my camera there will be others, and better :)

At the moment I look like Billy No-Mates :)


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I've overcome my shyness, mainly because editing videos was/is a MAJOR pain. The direct approach is so much better, sod the shyness :) There are some truly amzing blogs out there but I'm happy to potter along with my efforts. Thankfully I found my camera lead the morning I was going to buy a new one, thus saving myself about 35 quid,which is always a bonus. My upload tally is now up to seven, as of this morning. I did one called Rowan Tree & Red Thread, partly as a result of finding a convenient rowan stick and partly because of a cracking video I saw about the rowan tree. The traditional witchcraft community is outnumbered by wiccans about a million fold, but now and then you find little nuggets of gold. It's all good :)

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Guest willynilly


I am on youtube but have yet to do any videos. The idea makes me nervous but I think if I get started it would get easier.

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