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Rowan's Light


I noticed the gorse bushes were coming in to flower yesterday. It gave me another example of balance in nature. The beautiful yellow fragrant flowers and the bite of its vicious leaves if you dare to get to close to smell it.


I think it?s easy to forget that we can?t have everything great in our lives without the bad alongside it. We?ve become spoilt and deluded to expect it to be so.


This doesn?t detract from the emotional and physical pain we experience. But I do wonder if just accepting that is part of nature to have the bad with the good would help us cope and deal with these situations a little bit easier? To understand that getting through the bad will allow us to enjoy the good more? To allow ourselves to have healing and treat our own needs to get through this knowing that there is another side where the grass is greener?


Many of us (quite rightly) use the craft to create an outcome in our lives. I have no issue with people choosing to hex or curse someone, follow you own path is my motto. However I notice this practise is becoming more abused than respected for what it could do to it?s target.


With many people entering into a more Trad path having learned bits and pieces of modern witchcraft from abismal gimmicky high street books easily found in many town centers (they shall remain nameless you know who they are!) I feel that they miss the point have not learned discipline and treat witchcraft as a joke. A hex or a curse is not something that should be thrown about with ease just because you spent to much on your credit card and now they want paid.


It should be used when there?s no other effective alternative. Although the actual emotional intent is important I feel stewing on the matter for a few hours or more may offer you a better path to the solution (it may not). What is most important, working to give yourself confidence to get through this patch or affecting someone which can lead to emotional stress with their loved ones which you never intended?? Is it really that necessary??


Take a moment, step back and see things without the emotion. Do this and make the right choice and then go for it wholeheartedly.


Threw this in here because shock horror I haven't posted here for ages. This is from my shop blog.


RL xx


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