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Wedding Bells....



Greetings all,


Its been a long time since my last post. Thought I would share in some very exciting news. This past August I started dating an old friend of mine. We had been friends for like a year previous. Just a week ago I prposed and she accepted!! :) We set a dat for July 16th 2011. I am very excited and happy. We are going to hold an outdoor wedding with a midevil theme and also having a handfasting ceremony this coming July to follow in the tradition of 1 year and one day b4 the wedding. We share very similar beliefs and whats coolest to me about her is her abilities to see the spirits that walk among us. Couple that with my abilities of sensing the spirits around us we make a great team, for ghost hunting...which is how we met. We decided to go with the midevil theme so that we could have an actualy handfasting cerimony in stead of the traditional Christian wedding neither of us believe in.


Anyway I gotta get going for now, I will post again with any further news and updates.




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Nice to hear from you Eagleheart and sounds like things are going really well for you.


All the best for 2010 and I hope evereything continues to go well for you

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