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Death, dying and a bit more misery for good measure!

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It's been a heavy day. I'm ploughing on with my dissertation which is about whether contemporary photography can help us deal with the prospect of death.


Today I'm almost through with Chapter 2 - which tracks the history of postmortem photography, traditions of mourning, right up to the photographic shrines that were documented after the 9/11 tragedy.


I'm tired.. death has permeated my cells today (it feels like it anyhow) and then, the postman arrived.


Ohhhh I jumped up and ran, it could be my missing portfolio (which incidently is still f**king missing in action) only to find I had a letter from the RSPCA, offering me a place in their animal cemetary (well, not me.. one of my pets.. apparently it raises money for animals in the process)..


Funny... all the death/photography/post mortem pics and I was ok-ish.. and then seeing a brochure for a pet cemetary just brought me right down.


I can see that I am going to HAVE to have a glass of wine tonight, and put a comedy on!

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Aw...hang in there Amber...I'm sure your fatigue is just getting to you...Why don't you take a few days to yourself?

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Awww I'm cool with it DP... it can just get a bit intense after 7 hours of reading and note-making!!!!!


I intermingle studying with other stuff, so that I don't get too consumed!



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How did your disertation go down, Amber? :) Post-mortem photography by Victorians is something of a pet project of mine too. I'm sure I've posted about it in the forum. Drop me a PM sometime if you want a chat about it.



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