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A huge sigh of relief..



I'm so relieved.. the last few days have been a frenzy of activity, finishing off my final piece for this art assessment (and being extra nice to the guy in the print dept to make sure it gets done properly!), writing a statement of intent, finishing a draft dissertation plan and making sure that my log book is heaving with enough related research and info..


I seriously get to a point where I can read and re-read my work and totally NOT see the mistakes and typos.


Tonight I'm feeling worn out.. tomorrow I have a presentation to do.. and then whooopeeee.. a week's break from college. However.. I still have to work on the dissertation as well as research for my interview. Overwhelmed??? Slightly... but it's good to get it done. :)

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Keep going Amber it will all be worth it in the end!Take loads of breaks as I think the mind can only digest so much info before it cuts out (I know mine did!)

I was the idiot who did everything at the last minute including the 15,000 word dissertation, but it seems to be the way I work, I seem to be at my best when under pressure and with a tight deadline!

The presentation in front of 15 of my peers was by far my biggest achievement, I felt physically ill for weeks before it, and even felt like leaving the course rather than stand in front of everyone for two hours talking! But I did it, and was quite proud of myself for overcoming my fears.

All the best with it, and enjoy your break!

Rosie x

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