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Post Xmas Blues!




As I took the Holly and fir cones down and thanked the tree for making my house look so lovely during Yule time, I also found myself feeling very sad. I think its like an anti climax, all the family have gone home, the younger Boys were due back in school and its like "oh, there we are then, its over for another year!"

I will be fine in a couple of days, and I have a thirteenth Birthday party to organize for my youngest this Friday (who has decided he would like 10 friends from school to come) Arghhhhhhhhhhh!



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Dark Phoenix


Oh I know how ya feel...I havent begun taking the Yule decorations down for that reason as a matter of fact...it is very sad...but then again it's kind of like a new beginning!

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You know what... one of my Nan's felt like this.. and NEVER took her decs down... she kept the tree up, the paperchains and the lights.. and threw parties every few weeks as an excuse to keep everyone happy!


You gotta love Nans :D

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Guest uniqdrgnfly


I am looking forward to my "yule tree". My best friend in TX is going to make one like she has.


She has had one for years, ever since she began her path to finding herself, she is a trad witch also, but isn't into computers at all, she and I have been best friends for over 35 yrs and are very connected.


Her tree is bare limbs and she has it decorated with tiny clear lights. It has a permanent base and the decorations on it are things that mean something to her. Such as feathers she has been given by nature or a person, little trinkets or what not.


That will be my permanent yule tree also. I hate the commericality that goes with this season...why can't people be like that all the time? is what I have always thought.

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