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First blogging post..



Well, it's 2nd Jan 09 and my first blogging post on TW. I had no idea there was a blogging option on here to be honest (I'm doomed.. I shall never stop rambling now..:))


I'm stressed right now - positive, but stressed. Deadlines are looming at college and approaching at a fast rate plus I've had my interview date sent for a new University place in September 2009 and I'm quaking in my boots to be honest, the whole interview process sounds like a full-on experience.


I'm hoping to do my PGCE this coming September and become an art and design teacher.. it's been a dream of mine for a long time, and one that I've ignored and pushed away all because I didn't have my maths qualifications. But, I've pushed the maths fear aside and am studying to get the maths gcse exam this year too.


Nothing like a bit of pressure to keep me busy...:stirring:


Inspite of all this though, I feel really positive - this all feels like it was meant to be even though I'll probably be one of the oldest teachers eventually graduating! :)

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You go for it Amber! My Son was really nervous about his University interview last year (he's really quiet and shy) but it wasn't half as bad as he expected.

I was forty something when I finally got to wear my cap and gown!!!!

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