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Nasty nagging bad dreams



Every now and then, particularly when I know he's going to show back up somehow, my ex pops into my dreams for a spell.


Sometimes the dreams a alright, he plays a minor role and then disappears, but sometimes he shows up and lingers for a few days. He's very good at making me feel insecure and even in my dreams he's exceptional at berating me over just about anything. This most recent dream is no exception.


It started off pretty basic, a dream about seemingly nothing until I wound up at the grocery store, arguing with him about how to stack the food properly. That's right, stacking food in the grocery cart is a big deal. Anyway, I got flustered, went outside, and shortly there after a physical brawl started between the two of us; I ended up the victor but I didn't feel good about it. I knew I had finally given him what he deserved for treating me like shit for so long but it didn't make me feel any better, in fact I felt worse like a big part of me got ripped away suddenly.


So I've decided, as a matter of action, it's time to do something. I just don't know what would work best yet. I don't just want to keep him from my dreams, I want to keep him from thinking about me, contacting me, and just randomly deciding I need to be a part of HIS life again.


Off to research I go! It's been far too long since I did anything witchy...and I think I forgot how.


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