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Break-In at StarChilde's House Part 2



Break-In at StarChilde's House Part 2


The guy now drops his ill gotten gains on the kitchen floor and tries to talk his way out of trouble. When he gets desperate he grabs a few smaller items from his pocket and hands them to my son. He then throws his own jumper at the boys and runs off down the highway.


Now a police car going past at this time is flagged down by the boys and follows the guy down the road. They flash their lights at him, sound their siren at him and call him over to the car. Does he take any notice? No, of course not, he is a genius. He acts like the police couldn't possibly be after him and disappears down the side of a house. The police get out of their car and follow him down the side path and catch him, yep you guessed it, breaking into yet a third house!


He is hauled off to the police station still with some of my stuff in his pockets.


When I called the police later, I said "I think he is having a bad day today" to which the officer replied "He is having a really bad day today".


I asked him to pass on this message:


"Just tell him that I'm a practicing witch and if he EVER comes near my house again he is going to have an even worse day than he is having today."


The reply was: "I am going to enjoy passing THAT message on"


The interesting thing is, some months ago after a number of attacks on property at my place I buried some poppets on my boundary with instructions to punish anyone crossing my boundary with evil intentions or harm in their hearts. They seem to be doing their job nicely.


Every time I think about that poor guy I just have to laugh. Sort of belongs on a show about the world's dumbest criminals.

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