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Sandy Does YOUTUBE #2




Yeah ok... by popular demand I finally uploaded this video to Youtube. Personally I hate it - shows up my broken nose real bad but what the hell:




go and have a laff.. I sent it to my Xtian Brother for his Birthday LOLOL ... Im such a bitch.



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yeah but if you haven't seen the film you won't get it LOL. My brother didn't understand it until I showed him the original clip on You Tube. My mum loved it and almost wet her pants.

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no i didnt do the snot bubble. It was bad enough doing the dribble under a duvet in a wooly hat with a camcorder and with two screaming kids in the next room LOL.. but noted for next time if I ever do such a thing again hahaha

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I used to train horses and I got headbutted really badly during a three horse punch up. Ive had three constructive ops on my face but my nose just doesnt want to stay in the same place ... my septum was completely smashed to buggery so it is hard for my nose to keep its shape after the ops. I do plan to have another one though as I cant breathe properly.


what was the second blair witch about? I dont think I saw that one!

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