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going try to make a doll like in my dream



Well its been a little while since I put anything here.. but in the dreams section I put my wacko dream about making dolls. Kinda weird but after some suggested that i give it a try and maybe it was a past life memory I think I will. At the very least I might make a neat doll. :) I have not really looked into past life stuff yet, it was just something that I might get to some day. Now it kinda interests me.

I got a pattern for my dolls, tomorrow I will be going to the fabic store to get the things needed.. gezzz I cant wait for some reason very excited about making them. I got about 8 different doll designs in my head, want to make a typical halloween witch, got a bone collector, a tree nympth, a frog nympth, a flower fairy, my egg colletor, a bee keeper, snow queen, my bag lady, earth mother, evergreen lady, oh no my list is getting bigger than I thought! Got ideas for male dolls too... LOL


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