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Shaken and stirred



Well it's been a while, and I have had time to think about what I might have done to make someone want to chastise me in public. It's been a while since that happened to me last. Even the angry nuns in nursing school, 32 years ago never did that.

So, I meditated on it for a long time. I felt hurt and angry, knowing that I wouldn't do that to someone. I would probably talk to them privately. As one person did for me, and I certainly understand where she was coming from. It WAS a misunderstanding that this all happened.

Still, I have learned the valuable lesson to pull back and not give as much of myself to anyone, anymore, even those asking for opinions. Thanks for that.


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Interestingly enough, No one is noticing that I deleting my self from certain politically charged, or highly opinionated threads. It's like slowly disappearing from a place where my opinion was never needed in the first place. I do go to the blogs, but not much to say except to those who have shown me compassion and I am able to share the same with them. Forming a friendship in that manner is quite therapeutic, as we have something to give to each other and not just take, take, take. Then when one needs the other, we are there for each other. That's healthy.

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Also telling is that no one has said anything about the change in Avatar or signature. Pretty damned interesting.

Oh, well, I have disappeared without anybody noticing or caring before.

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Hmm, pretty dramatic stuff there Jan.


Maybe its not all about you? Just a thought.

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My need to withdraw IS all about me. My need to take a long look at my own behavior, responses and why I can get so easily hurt it about putting up my shields and looking about to see how I need to communicate better and stay out of other people's business when I am not invited in.

While other's post their feelings and thoughts, and it IS all about THEM, I am singled out as overstepping my boundaries, when that was not my intention at all.

Be certain that I shall not do it again. I experimented with changing things about and limiting contact with those that I may not know.

So, I am properly chastised and put in my place here. That is where I will remain. I will continue to send compassion and share what I have learned, and research what I need to know.

Excuse me while I tak the lesson to heart and rebuild my shields.

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