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How long since I posted!!

Rowan's Light


:jawdrop: I am such a lazy witch!!!.


Excuse me while I ramble.


I've have been busy since I last blogged. I am now at a stage in my life where things are going to keep getting better. Financially and personally after a very tough year.


My big news is that my mum has had her all clear from the cancer docs:witchnana:. She had a really tough time and a huge op and she battled well through all the emotions and I am very proud of her.


On the work front there have been changes. I overhauled hubby's business and reduced his customer base by 50% and also his expenses as well since we don't have to hire twats who hate work. For the first time we are going to at least break even and he is not stressed out.


This gives me the opportunity to to start my reiki attunements next year and also Indian head massage I hope to tie this into my own shop in the future. In the short term I hope to start my own e store before the winter to help with feeding my horses when hubby is not working so much.


My daughter starts school in a few weeks. Iam surprised about how upset I am but I have to let her go and I will get time to myself to play and work on my witchy skills.


A big upset for me this summer was taking my hand reared lambs to slaughter which I hated. Why we cant have a mobile slaughter eludes me. Anyway it really brought home where our food comes from. And how emotionally hard it is for the small holder to take their livestock to be killed unlike the big farmers who just laod them on the lorry and dont see what happens next.


On the upside the meat is gorgeous and I have a freezer full for the winter.


anyway I will stop waffling now


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