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Everyday living



I thought I would post a little since I am not on here very often now. Boy do I miss it. But I have been walking more and lost some weight.. YAY!


I have been doing alot more of my eggs. I have been doing what I call scrape art.. I paint/dye the egg a single color and then scrape the paint off in the design that I want. The design then goes down the to egg shell and they are turning out rather well. This is new for me. I have done it a little before but I went out and got tools for it and I really enjoy it.


The fun part is paring up colors and the colored shells. Like the light green egg shell and a dark green paint.. the design shows in light green against the dark green egg, dark brown paint and brown eggs look real nice too. I am thinking about doing up a bunch for a craft show coming up in a couple of months and selling them. When I get a chance I'll post some here for you and let me know if you think they would sell. I want honest opinions..LOL


I seem to be putting more into myself lately which includes my witchy side and it all feels so much better. I hope with the up coming website I will not be too involved that I lose what I am now gaining.. I know balance - I will have to balance things out. I had a website before and I did not keep balance in my life, I believe thats why things did not go well with that one.


I have put my foot down on things that I feel is important to me, and let it be known that is how I feel, and I was rather surprised that I did not get much back talk over them so far. My attitude toward general day to day things have turned very positive rather than being depressed over things that I don't have control over.. I control what can control, and not worry about what I can't do or have done etc.. That alone makes me feel healthier, stronger, and plain happy!

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You really have to take care of yourself just as much as everyone around you. The key is to make them independent. That's what my Mom did.

If she had to clean the whole house on Fridays, whatever was on the floor or laying about went in the trash, Including clothes and whatever might have been in the pockets. We learned quite early to pick things up and put them away. When she vacuumed, anything in the vacuum went in the trash. It wasn't till much later that we learned that she was emptying our pockets and cleaning out the vacuum and giving it back to us in our allowance. She was sneaky that wayThen she taught us how to cook, and make our own damn sandwiches. We can all put just about anything in a crockpot and have it come out yummy. That includes all three brothers. We are all grateful for that. And so are the boys wives.

You go girl!

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