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Ok...another update on what I have been up to LOL!


* Hubby STILL in Iraq (he got extended)


* 1 daughter is now enrolled in college (Vet Tech)


* 1 daughter is trying to get into the Army :)


*Had terrible fight with stepdaughter (it became very horrible and verbally abusive on her part, not to mention threats of violence towards myself by her now husband) and she is no longer part of the family (mutual choice and trust me it wasn't pretty, I spent many nights crying myself to sleep and wondering where I could go away and never return to my life, but I have accepted this fate and therefore I"M better now).


* Photography of scenics and wildlife has now changed to glamour, and it is keeping me B-U-S-Y!!!!!!


* I am also apprenticing under Ed Papp (MermaidHunter Films) in Key West and am learning to free dive, scuba dive, hooka dive (funny as shit!). Unfortunately this also comes with accidents that leave me bruised, knots on my head, sick from not eating, sore muscles and overall plain ass tired but well worth it because I am also now doing filming (at the bottom of the freaking ocean but still filming! LOL!.


Hhmm....I think that is it. Oh yeah I still travel when I can LOL!


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Oh, Honey! Be careful with your self. Oxygenate yourself, with whatever exercises you can. Do you do Yoga? Make SURE you eat! Diving is a dangerous sport if you don't stay alert. And in shape. I wish I could do it, though.

I cannot believe that GW is keeping everybody over there so long. But that's another blog! I send energy to our troops every day, and am working up a protection net, like and umbrella meditation for them.

As for GW, is there any way for he and ALL of his "cronies" to fall over dead at the inaugural ceremonies?

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Ah I'm sorry ya went through that with your stepdaugther.. its never cool when that happens in a family.

I can't believe that they keep extending the troops. I am glad that you keep yourself busy with your wonderfully great photography! Sending protection to them all the time myself, and energy and strength to you too.

I think the underwater filming and the diving is soo cool! Just keep yourself safe girl! Your in my thoughts everyday.

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