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Decided on a Name



I have decided on a name for the business - Hocus Pocus Herbs & Gift Shoppe and a domaine name of hocuspocusgifts.com.


I will be meeting with two different people Wednesday to check out their buildings, and get all the information that is needed on their part for the business plan. I will also be able to see how much work each will be to remodel to make it work for me.


It's a hard choice since they are in different locations about a mile apart. That may not seem alot but one is on Main St which is in the old part of town being built back up. The other is in the newer part of town close to the expressway. So really there are two different kinds of traffic and I have to decided which would be better. You have fast food on one side of town to great real food in the old part of town with lots of foot traffic and old time theater and up the street is a very cool tat shop. Maybe I should talk to them about the traffic they get there??? Good idea I think.


Anyhow I need to get off my butt here and start gettin all these figures down on paper so that I have something to give to the banks, lenders and investors to look at.

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Wow - hard decision. Is there more foot traffic in the "old town" part? People who may wonder in off the street and mosey about? If that's the case they might be soaps and incense impulse buyers....?? Don't know though. We have a street in Old Hollywood here with a lovely store called the Jeweled Castle which is very "fiary" looking and attracts a lot of foor traffic from the pubs, shops and restaurants, so they have their more mundane stuff in the windows....

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