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Anjel put up where hocus-pocus came from and it's funny cause I have been looking at using it possibly for a name of my shop. I was thinking about Hocus-Pocus Herb Shoppe, Teas, candles & Gifts.. something like that. I wanted something kinda cute and catchy. I live in a small old lumber town know for it's origin of the "Red Flannels", ya know those long johns. Since it is a tight knit community I didn't want to come out tooo pagan sounding and get run out of town..lol.


I want the business to be rather open. It would be lots of herbs, and I want teas and have a couple of tables where people can sit and chat with a cup of tea. Have on hand two teas of the week. Have candles and soaps, lotions, oils and natual bath products and some other type of gifts. In another area have things more witchy in nature, but not out to offend, but also done in good taste a skull or two might not look bad???


Anyhow one of the business adventures doesn't seem like it will go, and the other one which I just looked into today, well it's not bad only, I would rather support my own little town rather than another town in another county, if you know what I mean. Why should I support that little town, after all both are about the same size.


So I am back on the planning block going over everything once again. Oh and a wonderful spot for a business just came open.. would love to get that one.. has good parking and a nice size building, it would be great. Now I got to check into them find out how much they want and stuff for rent, utilities, and all.


Oh my business plan for opening my own business is going real good. Got a shit load of suppliers I can use. And I can make most of my shelves and things keep costs down .. I am very excitied about this.



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