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June 12



Here's the latest update.


I have put together a "starter" business plan. One that the investors had asked for. Goes over basic things that they wanted to know, mainly how the money is going to be spent etc. They said that it will take them about three weeks or so to go over it, and if it looks promising they will ask for more information and will need detailed pictures of merchandise, building, and the like.


In the mean time the owner has quit talking to anyone while she has her baby, which was perfect timing since when the investors come back to me she will be ready to go over what ever they need at that time.


I am also working with SCORE which helps people starting businesses too. I keep finding more places as I search things out and each one of course wants a little more or less on each business plan. Sometimes it can be overwhelming at times.

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Let me know how things go. I've wanted to open my own shop but don't know anything about what to include in the paperwork. I've seen the lists and am totaly overwhelmed by the information they want. If ya need a partner, maybe we can work something out.

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