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a mother's frustration



so today was the last day of school for my children. apparently my oldest was picked on in class and didn't feel the need to tell me until we got home.

we even went to lunch after their ceremony and the kid that did the picking was there. i wish that i would have known, i would have set him AND his parents straight!

he supposedly made comments about what "Ardyn's mom looks like coming home from the bar". I DON'T EVEN GO TO BARS! I RARELY DRINK! but because i have tattoos and look a little different from these tightass mommies at school he automatically thought i drink. which is really funny because MY kids would never think something like that. so OBVIOUSLY he gets it from SOMEWHERE.

i feel bad for Ardyn and have talked to her about it, but i want to do more. i want to give her strength to overcome this. i also want to bind this little turd and his asshole parents from hurting other classmates.

i am really angry that i had to have this conversation with my child. i hurt that she let this fuckward get to her, but apparently he's getting to me too.




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