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So exciting and Interesting!



well things here have been very very very interesting and exciting.


Besides the whole fact that there is only 4 weeks until baby is born ( WHOOOOO) Andy finally managed to get a new job, and we are now going to be moving interstate in two months time!


On top of this, his new job entails that he may be required to move to london...HELLA YEAH!!!!!!!!!


the only bad part to this is that Andy starts work in Melbourne, next monday and thus for the next 4 weeks...he will be on the mainland while I live down here ( since i can't fly now and It's not viable to take the boat, also know here as the vomit comet...i Dont think I could handle throwing up or smelling others throwing up for the whole 24 hour crossing) ...It also means that theres a chance the baby may come during this time...which would be a real bugger :P


Also for the first time in three years I met my brother...very interesting...the whole family has changed a lot and I'm pretty surprised...My brothers and sisters have changed their religios path to Catholicism and are now hardcore catholics, although My brother had a lot of respect and understanding that I didnt follow his path, which I thought was a really nice thing...apparently my 19 year old sister is going to be a Nun, scary but I'm happy shes happy in her choices :)


So yes, lots of interesting things happening, like packing, finding a house, moving to a completely different state and moving away from family, the birth and lots of random spiritual things that have been happening ( like dreams, encounters with ghosts, autumn equinox, getting confused with what i look like and past life memories!!!)


hope everyone is going well



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