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oo nice ... I would LOVE to live in something like that. Can I just ask you - the top window second from the left .. is that bedroom haunted?

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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many bedrooms????

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Rowan's Light


Thats my daughters room - the two windows on the left are hers Sandy. We are contemplating swapping with her. So I'd say yes LOL you do get cold spots and people sitting next to you on the bed.


I have 3 huge double rooms upstairs. a single 'guest' downstairs which could squeeze a double in and my office which has been a bedroom in it's past life (as a well as a kitchen when the house was split.

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I see a presence at that window. If you can swop rooms then I would do it and smudge that room with intent. Tell the energy to leave if you wish but I don't think it is evil or harmful, it is attached to the property not your family.

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