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"Ghostly" Encounter



Greetings all. I just thought I would give yall a hollar. I went on my first Ghost investigation this past weekend. It went well. I had a few good experiences and one not so good one. I was able to take part in using the Infared Thermomitor ( sp? ). I was able to get the temp to drop almost 20 degrees. I was also able to use some dousing rods ( again not sure if I spelt that right) but both were very cool experiences. Now the one bad experience I had was on a more spiritual note. I felt a very strong energy drain from one room I went into at one point that almost made me fall over. I braced myself in the door frame for a few minutes then was able to enter the room. Well a few minutes later I was asked to go back up to the room I was in when I had that experience and see if I could get it again. I reluctantly agreed. after about 20 or 30 min upstairs myself and the other person that went up with me started back down stairs. well on my way down I got hit again with that energy, only this time it felt as though someone had grabed my entire body gave a squeeze. I felt light headed and just not good all over. This time I did collapse onto the steps. After a few minutes the feeling passed and I was fine.



Cant wait for the next one lol!!!!!!


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